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Monetary donations

The heart of Doña Yoga's mission is to not only bring the healing effects of yoga to those battling cancer, but to do so at absolutely no cost. Doña Yoga will never charge a fee to anyone in any phase of cancer recovery.  Therefore, every donation, large and small makes an impact on those we serve.  You can donate securely online with our PayPal link on the right, or mail a check to:

PO Box 150424

Austin TX 78715-0424

Wish list

Doña Yoga's specialized cancer recovery yoga program relies on support tools to ensure each student gets the maximum benefit.  Doña Yoga graciously accepts donations of mats, bolsters, blocks, folding chairs, blocks, blankets or any other yoga support tool you are moved to supply.  Even a yoga strap or an eye pillow can make a huge impact on a patient's practice.  A great online place to shop for such supplies is Yoga Accessories.

Donate a class

So many talented yoga instructors understand the teachings are not owned, but shared.  Doña Yoga would be honored to receive the funds from a donation class you wish to dedicate.  If interested, literature about our mission and goals can be provided to you in advance to distribute to those attending your donated class.